Can you help a first time Android user sort out a launcher, locker and other key apps?

Shannon R June 4, 2013
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I am doing a lot of research and video watching on how-tos for Android apps and such. I am still very confused with my launcher (Go Launcher Ex, i believe) and Go Locker. I truly don’t know what my locker does, even my launcher. I read that task killers aren’t the best to use, then see tons of them being recommended.

So I guess to just get me started if anyone can tell me what you recommend for a newbie who would like something to make it easier to use and find things, (a launcher or locker) and tell me if task managers are useful or harmful then that would be good. And is it ok to have multiple launcher/lockers/task mangers? I have an SD card, but I have no clue if anything is on it…


Sorry for the rambling, it’s late, I can’t sleep, the dentist tortured me this weekend and I am hoping to organize my phone up and appreciate any help!

  1. DalSan M
    June 4, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    With a processor speed of 800MHz but RAM of 512MB, it should perform decently. I would suggest a task killer, but only to people that know which processes to kill abd which ones should never be touched. I recommend staying away from any task killer as it more than likely will cause performance issues, including battery life. I would either stick to the original stock launcher or a simple launcher such as FTL (Faster Than Light) Launcher or Lightning Launcher. These launchers require the last amount of processor and memory use. You can always hit the Menu button and select Add Shortcut, but do not use too many since it will use more memory and may cause stuttering and slower performance. Use as few widgets as possible as this would keep the memory usage down also.

    The reason that applications install to the internal storage is because the developers made it automatically do this. Some games and applications can be moved to your AD card by going into Settings, Manage Applications (or Application Manager), then select the applications you want moved to the SD card, then select Move to SD. Not all applications will move to the SD card because the performance would worse by doing so, and some applications would not work at all. Your launcher and other main applications should not be moved to the SD card, but most games can be moved.

  2. Shannon
    June 4, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    Thank you so much and I apologize as I had completely forgotten the most important part-what device I am using. (my bad) Your info is very helpful and I will check out your site. I have an lg optimus elite 2.3 version, 4gb internal memory, microsd card capable to 32gb (I just read that off box) lol-
    I bought it through best buy and use virgin mobile. I guess the other thing that confuses me is I got a card, not a huge one, but it doesn't seem to go on to sd card but into internal memory, does that make sense? I suppose I will go check out your site, I truly appreciate the info and I apologize again for the lack of info I provided.
    Take care and thank you!

  3. Sampath Karunarathne
    June 4, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Since you are new I think it is better to mention the applications I use than describing everything.

    First I tried every possible launcher but they were not in line with my need..
    I find it more easier to use my phn"s default launcher. And according to my experience using other launchers made my phn slow and high battery consuming.
    so I use default launcher.

    Second I also tried various task killers but what i realise was, they were more power consuming and shorten my battery life...if you want to stop any task go settings and you will find a option there in applications..

    these are the applications currently i use hopes this helps..

    Kingsoft Office 5.5.3 (Free)
    ASTRO File Manager
    App Lock(Smart App Prot.. ) =vry good u will love this so many options
    CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator
    Google Keep
    Mobile Security & Antivirus =vry gud antitheft software dude.
    MX Player
    Opera browser

  4. DalSan M
    June 4, 2013 at 7:50 am

    Firstly, which phone model do you have? It makes some difference so we can give you suggestions that make things easier instead of giving you suggestions to many apps that otherwise may not be necessary. Task killers create huge debates because there are many users that do not understand what should be killed, what can be killed, and what not to kill under any circumstances. This is much like using Windows Task Manager; if you end the wrong task, your computer will not function properly or will crash, resulting in having to restart the computer. I'm not going to suggest any task killers until knowing the processor speed and how much RAM memory (not storage memory) your phone has. If it has plenty of memory, then not using a task killer would be best.

    Unless you really like the features of Go Launcher, Go Locker, and Go Contacts (you didn't mention this, but this song with Go SMS are very common when using any other Go product), I would actually stay away from them. I say this because if you haven't noticed before, they will give off what are called "Push Notification Ads", which are advertisements that pop up in your notification area much like system notifications and text message notifications. Many of these notification advertisements are in Chinese. I only use Go SMS because of the features, but stay away from their other products. Go Locker is "cool", but again, a pain. You have to disable the Android lockscreen in order to properly use the Go Locker screen, otherwise conflicts will occur. The themes are nice, but you will notice the Chinese advertisements in your notifications. Go Locker also uses more RAM memory and the processor, so if your phone is low on memory, I would definitely uninstall this. The most recommended Home Launcher app would be ADW Launcher, which is free, and offers themes and lots of customization. You can change the main icons on the bottom of the screen to whichever app you want, add shortcuts to the apps you like or use most on several different screens, or create folders on your screens that hold multiple application shortcuts so you can organize them better with fewer items on the screen.

    If you want to install multiple launchers, that is fine. Just remember that if you open one launcher, then open a different one, end the other launcher or your phone may slow down and stutter because of the extra memory used. I have over 6 launchers, but only use one launcher most of the time (TSF Shell 3D).

    I would recommend getting either ES File Explorer, File Expert, and/or Astro File Manager for their many functions that are possible while browsing the contents of your phone and external SD card. File Expert can list all videos, all pictures, all music and sound files, application installer apk files, and much more. I find this function to be very convenient, especially if you want to share a file.

    If you want more specifics, let us know you phone model, what exactly you want to do (like how to place shortcuts on your home screen or how to create folders), and what you are hoping the finished product would be like. I'm not trying to tell you not to use the Go products, but I can't stand the notification advertisements and thought you should know about them. After receiving well over 30 notification ads per day, I decided enough was enough.

    • Shannon R
      June 11, 2013 at 1:29 pm

      Thank you so much for all the info! I have been out of commission and just catching up and going to check out all this great info you all gave me today! Didn't want you all to think I forgot about you as you are all incredibly great to take the time to answer my questions! :)

      I'm sure I will have more after I read each of yours more in depth, but wanted to say thanks and I'm alive, and your advice is being well used right now! Take care! Thank You!!