Can you advise me about porting my HTML game to Facebook App canvas?

Kyem G July 28, 2013
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I must say that this is the first app I’m planning build.

We have developed a Bengali word game website and we are planning to build a Facebook app on the same concept. I’ve learned how to put an HTML page on the Facebook app canvas. So can I put the gaming page of our website in the canvas? We have got three games in our website and I want to put the main game page in the canvas and want the user to choose the game he wants. So first of all – is this possible?

Next, if the above process is possible, will it affect the web traffic of our website? I mean, if a user plays this game in the Facebook app, will he be counted as a visitor of our website? We are targeting web traffic too for our website.

Now the last question, we have got Facebook login system for our website to signup, which may not be as good as the one on MakeUseOf (but its more or less like the one we had in MUO until recently). Now if the above asked questions are possible and goes accordingly to what I said above, I wanna ask: if a new user wants to play the game directly from the Facebook app without visiting our website, will he automatically logged in to the app via Facebook? Or is he going to take the hassle of logging in again?

If not, please suggest the best way to make all these possible.

Thank you for your help!

  1. Paul P
    July 29, 2013 at 2:39 am

    Don't know. However maybe you could hire a consultant to help you. Here's a level 2 rated provide (good one) offering help with Facebook apps starting at $5: