Why can I only use my phone with an earpiece/headset?

Jerry November 13, 2014

My sanyo incognito phone is stuck in the earpiece mode. How it got on, I do not know. The only way you can hear a person speaking to you on the phone is to put it into speaker mode. I have checked all the phone setting against a duplicate phone and they are all the same. I have removed the battery and changed the phone back to its original settings and nothing fixed the problem.

  1. Bruce E
    November 13, 2014 at 7:44 am

    It isn't a phone setting that is the problem here. The jack itself contains a switch that deactivates the normal speaker. If you know someone who used to work on the old dot-matrix printers, ask them if they have any graphite lubricant. If they don't, we can make due with some standard graphite pencil "lead" and a bit of fine sandpaper. Just take a pencil or the "lead" for a mechanical pencil and rub it on some fine sandpaper or emery cloth to get a tiny pile of dust. With the phone off, put some of this dust into the jack. Insert and remove the male connector in the jack about a dozen times. Turn the phone on and check if it is now working properly.