How can I update Google Play Services to the latest version?

JHON November 9, 2014
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I want to link a game to my GMail account so that I can play it on different devices. Problem is, when the game (Jungle Heat) tells me to link to my GMail account and I press on my GMail account, it opens a little window that reads “This application won’t run unless you update Google Play Services” and it reads on bottom “update”.

So, I click on it and it takes me to the play store app which only has “open” & “unistall” options! I have tried: cleaning the cache, clearing data and unistalling it. I also went to Google Play Store > Settings > Build version(4.8.20) tapping on it and found that it said “a new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed”, so I clicked on it but nothing happened! How can I fix this please!? Someone shed light on this.

Thank you.

BTW, I use an Android Motorola Triumph

  1. ha14
    November 9, 2014 at 11:08 am

    you can try this if you want: Settings>Apps>menu>reset app preferences.