How can I uninstall the “Timeline Remove” extension from Safari on my Mac?

Anonymous September 10, 2014

Hi I am using Safari as a browser. I installed “Timeline Remove” once and cannot remove it. I click the uninstall button and was asked to restart the browser, but the extension appears again. How can I find the extension to remove it?

  1. Jan F
    September 10, 2014 at 10:55 pm

    Under normal circumstances all you have to do is go into Safari > Preferences > Extensions and remove it. From your description that seems to be what you have tried. So I would almost say that you installed something that was more than just an extension.

    It would be good to know where you actually got this "extension" from so we might be able to find out what it actually installed. It might have installed itself as Internet Plug-In, maybe even a LaunchAgent or something.