How can I transfer my messages from Outlook for Mac to the PC version of Outlook without exporting the messages?

Stauss.jonathan July 8, 2014
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It seems like the Outlook for Mac that I am using on my MacBook Pro has cannot export the emails. It is taking too long to export the emails stored in Outlook for Mac and without the exported file I cannot import it to Outlook for windows. The export wizard freezes after exporting 75% of the data. There is no option other than quitting the process and what I have in the end is incomplete exported file.

Pleas help me fix this bug, give your expert advise on the issue of if anyone has any alternate way to migrate Outlook for Mac data to windows outlook then please let me know.

Thank you

  1. Jan F
    July 8, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    If Outlook for Mac gets stuck exporting your emails I would assume it's a damaged database or worse, damaged mail files.

    Anyway, most tools require you to have an OLM file which you get by exporting content from Outlook for Mac. So the only other easy option I could think of would be using an IMAP or Exchange account, transfer your mails to IMAP folders and then retrieve them on your PC from the mail server.

    Depending on the amount and size of emails fixing your Outlook Identity and exporting might be the faster way than uploading everything to the email server.

    Go into Applications > Microsoft Office 2011 > Office and start the "Microsoft Database Utility". Select the correct identity (you probably only have the 'main identity') and hit the rebuild button. Again, depending on the number and size of emails this can take a while ~ 30-60 minutes isn't unheard of.

    Most importantly:
    Don't quit a process just because it appears to be stuck or OS X saying "not responding". Progress bars have always been weird in OS X and the "Not responding" status really means nothing.
    It's like you getting a second call on your mobile phone and decide not to put the first one on hold to take it. Most processes with high utilization (like exporting mails or rebuilding the database) are flagged as "not responding" by OS X.

  2. Oron J
    July 8, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    See the recent thread: How can I convert my email store from Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac to the Windows version?.
    A few extra notes:

    • Outlook for Mac exports data in .OLM format, which no other mail program can read, so even exporting it wouldn't help you read it on Microsoft Outlook for PC (I know, it's crazy, but Microsoft products on the Mac have always been, well, different).
    • Emailchemy may be able to convert your mail store directly, and this will be the quickest way to transfer your messages. On the other hand, if your mail store is damaged (which may be the reason for the export wizard hanging), then Emailchemy too may crash...
    • Technically the best answer is to use a Mail server (Exchange or IMAP). Upload all your messages to the server, then download them on the PC side. However, this is usually really slow, particulary if you are connecting to an IMAP server on the internet (that is, with a relatively slow connection to the server) so bear in mind that Emailchemy has a "local IMAP mode" which will allow you to use it (Emailchemy) as your mail server on the same machine that you're doing the conversion on (this is explained in the documentation). I've used it on couple of ocassions to great effect. Fast, and flawless conversion!