How can I transfer contacts from my oldl Blackberry to an iPhone?

Neil October 15, 2014
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I have an iPhone 4S and am having issues backing up my contacts. I previously had a Blackberry and had created a GMail account to move the contacts from my old BB to the iPhone. In the interim, the GMail account has expired.

I still have access to my exchange contacts and can create and edit contacts, but cannot sync them with iTunes or back them up on iCloud. I also cannot log into the GMail account again and can’t create an account with the same user name (says it is already in use). I need to transfer these contacts to my new phone and do not feel like doing it one by one.

I really need help!

  1. ha14
    October 15, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    How to transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone?