How can I share my HP Deskjet 6600 between both my PC and my iMac?

Brian D August 22, 2014
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I have a Windows PC connected via USB to its own printer. The PC is running Windows 7 and the Printer is an HP Officejet 6600. I have an iMac Desktop computer running OSX version 10.7.5. Both computers are connected to a Verizon Fios Router via Ethernet cable. The router DOES have a single USB port on the back of it along with the Ethernet Port connections.
My question is: How do I get to be able to print from the iMac computer along with the PC Computer? Both computers need to be able to print from the SAME HP6600 printer. The scanner feature from the All-in-one printer must still be able to function.
Please help.

  1. Oron J
    August 22, 2014 at 8:01 am

    Your printer has built-in networking! It has both ethernet and wireless modules, so the simplest solution by far is to connect it to the router using an ethernet cable, or - if the location makes this difficult - wirelessly, and connect the computers to it that way. For instructions on adding it to the wireless network, see .

    Once it's on the network, add it to your Windows 7 PC by going to "Devices and Printers", click "Add a Printer" and follow the prompts. Since the driver is already installed, it'll be installed in no time. On the iMac, the process would be essentially the same, but if the drivers are not built into the system you may need to install them first.

  2. Jan F
    August 22, 2014 at 6:02 am

    I don't think the USB port on your router will be of any help. While most routers allow you to connect a USB printer to the network this way they rarely support MFP features like scanning. This usually requires modifying the firmware.

    Option 1: Use printer sharing
    - with the printer connected to the Windows machine
    - with the printer connected to the iMac

    Option 2:
    Get a USB print server which will connect the USB printer to your home network. Look for a "MFP compatible" one otherwise the scanner won't work.

    While option 2 will require another investment, with printer sharing you can only print from the second device if the first one with the printer connected is turned on.