How can I reinstall my touchscreen HID driver in Windows 8.1?

Anonymous August 22, 2014
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My touch screen for Windows 8.1 stopped working almost 1 day before the intended post of this question. I checked my PC Info, it now claims no Pen or Touch software is detected in this computer.

At the bottom of the last page in that link the person stated he manually uninstalled the touchscreen HID in the Device Manager, then rebooted the computer, after when it was automatically re-installed, and his touch screen started working again. I followed along the same thing, but it never re-installed. That was the only mistake I made, as far as I could determine. Is there any way to find the .inf files in any Windows 8.1 computer? If so, where is the general folder location? I want to use another computer’s matching HID device. I could copy it, then take it with me on a flash drive, copying it into the matching location on my own computer. Toshiba’s support site did not have the drivers I was looking for. That, or even though it did, it kept failing to install. I even have a screen shot as proof. This all started after I turned off my computer for 30 minutes, then turned it back on. It was certainly not forceful, it asks me if it wants me to shut down, every time. If I cannot find the folder, would there be any way to attain that file, somehow, even if it meant installing it again?

  1. Hovsep A
    August 22, 2014 at 8:50 am

    if you have restore point perhaps you can use it to go back just before the day you uninstalled the driver

    try to scan with slimdrivers and see if it will propose to install the driver