How can I regain control of my hacked Facebook account?

Anonymous May 19, 2014
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How can I find the correct phone number to speak to a real customer service human being in Facebook who can help me recover my Facebook account which has been hacked? Is there such a person in the whole world who has such passion for helping others in similar circumstances?

Both my Facebook and the associated Yahoo account have been hacked. Fortunately I got back into the Yahoo account and changed the email password. I lost several days of emails. The hacker used the same single letter in between 2 letters in the initials of my email address and I failed to notice it so then sent to reset my password in facebook. Then I think I made another mistake by opening a new face book account using the same data I did when I first opened an account. I thought it would stop me and link me to the original account but it did not. It was easy so easy, the hacker had changed both the email and the password to get into the Facebook and control my Face book account. It’s totally his now … all my photos and messages. Very sad for me.

In short, I totally lost my 6 years of Facebook history. My son growing up and new lovely granddaughters. If I try to get my original Facebook back it’s as if I am logging into someone else’s account. It leads me back the new one I just opened so I guess I my original is even further away from me to recover. The new one in my original name is safe but I don’t care to start up one again just to lose it too. What I want to do is cut and delete all my history in the original Facebook account, that’s all… Forget about recovering it. It am secretly very depressed about this. Imagine a grown man sad about losing some photos. I was so proud of my family to share them with my friends. Deeply sad this happened. I suppose it means that much to me because my late mum and dad are featured, my lovely son, my 4 grandchildren, all the people who mean anything to me have also gone missing in my memory but they are in my heart still.

  1. Susendeep D
    May 20, 2014 at 12:46 pm


    I know it feels very bad when one loses all his/her memories.

    Now,if you get your luck back to recover your account,then firstly,get yourself Lastpass and change all the passwords(from Facebook,to email and all other accounts) to stronger ones(say 15 characters long). This would help you log-in easily and the life of hacker miserable to crack it down.

    Then,download all of your Facebook data and keep a backup of it.In future,when you're going to share your memories,try keeping a backup of it,so that they would be available to you.

  2. Dbtodd
    May 19, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    Thanks Oron for taking the time to respond. I had given up for most part but will try again what you suggest. Its worth to me and if I get I back I will certainly let you know it was a success. I will be happy! I did not have much hope up till to night. I have read some sad stories of others who got hacked. Its at type of violation and does not feel very good to experience. I wish the Facebook people at customer care made it user friendly to us and so much easier to work their recovery website to enable a rapid recovery. Kind regards dt

    • don
      June 19, 2014 at 1:17 am

      hello Sarah J, I noted your message yesterday, was sad to hear you lost your Facebook website history as well. I have written to FB about 5 times using the link of being 'unable to log in form' and explaining my situation to them in that location with several photos of my self. I had great difficulty finding a suitable link (form) in the Hacked Accounts link because simply put, FB website for solving problems is not user friendly. A rather poor design and seems it has not dawned on the company this is so even with so many of us saying so.

      I opened a basic new FB account soon after my loss by mistake because having done so it continually refers me to that new account as if its the once I lost. It is not as the original one has my shorter name on it. Facebook staff have failed me totally by not replying what so ever. I have given up trying to get it back. I believe that because it is free and probably hundreds are hacked each day, they are over whelmed to sort out individual accounts. There is no value to them to assist us. I am sure their Internal Quality Control team is very poorly trained if they have one, they likely don't have skilled staff to do this job. Unless one is willing to pay cash ( is my guess) or are a high profile member and can create bad publicity for FB we will not be assisted to find our lost sites.

      So in short I have decided not to build up my new FB account or post my family photos or even ask for new friends to join me. At this point I have lost my trust in FB and would rather stand back. If I change in the future perhaps then I will decide. Its alarming at first but later the loss are just photos and memories. Yes will be hard & time consuming to locate all those photos again. Perhaps if there is a new social quality software social site (for all those of us who were hacked in FB...haha!!) I may join and then only exclusively invite my family and friends to view, not the public. At this point I am just delaying any further contact with FB or any other similar sites.

      Facebook management have lost my trust and so do not support them as a customer. Guess we have to just face the facts in life of our losses. This is rather a modest one, its unfortunate.......bye for now from Cairns Australia.

  3. Oron J
    May 19, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    Hi. First of all, let me commiserate, I can completely see where you're coming from. Secondly, Don't despair! Take a long breath, perhaps wait a day out until you're ready to deal with this again. I don't know any phone numbers for Facebook (they keep them hidden for good reason!), but it is possible to get your problem sorted.

    Then go onto Facebook's "Report compromised account" page at and report the hacking of your original account. Identify yourself by your email address, and follow the instructions carefully. Facebook's staff receive such reports regularly, and the one important thing from their perspective is to make sure that the person reporting the hacking is actually the account owner, so you'll need to provide some identifying information. What's important is to keep things simple and clear. Chances are, they will restore your account, although it may take a couple of days to get things straightened out.

    As for the fact that you are currently logged into the wrong account, again, don't worry. Once Facebook have restored your original accoun to you, simply log off the (new) facebook page and log in to facebook again, using youre email address to identify yourself. If you encounter problems at that stage, either come back to this forum or contact Facebook via .

    Best of luck!

    • Sarah J
      June 17, 2014 at 11:17 am

      The exact same thing has just happened to me. I am getting very frustrated by Facebook, as I cannot seem to get anywhere. I've fixed my Yahoo, but Facebook seems to have disappeared. My friends can't see my profile either.
      Did you get yours back? I am very interested to hear whether you found a solution.