Can I recover my passwords, which were kept in KeePass and were lost during an upgrade?

Brandyharper88 May 15, 2014
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I use MiniKeePass on my iPhone and my iPad. My iPad automatically did the new app update a few days ago and it wiped out every single thing in that app. It is now a brand new app with no information at all stored in the app, all of my passwords are gone! I’m freaking out. My iPhone hasn’t had that update and it still works fine. I tried to find the MiniKeePass app in the App Store to get help and it does not show up in the App Store anymore, it’s gone too. What is going on with this app and is there any way to recover my files? Please help!

Brandy Harper

  1. Jan F
    May 15, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    Might be a good idea to perform a backup of the devices beforehand in case something goes wrong with MiniKeePass or it's database.

    Assuming the App is the same for both, iPhone and iPad what you could try is:
    (1) delete the new MiniKeePass version from the iPad
    (2) open iTunes and delete MiniKeePass from the App list
    (3) connect your iPhone with the old version and in iTunes select
    "File > Devices > Transfer purchases…"
    (4) with the iPhone still connected go to the Apps tab, at the bottom in "File Sharing" there should be MiniKeePass listed and when selected, it's database file should be available to be transferred to the computer
    (5) now connect your iPad and install the MiniKeePass app (assuming it's the same for both devices you are now back to the old version)
    *** you can try opening it on the iPad to see if your old database is accessible, otherwise
    (6) click on the Apps tab, under File Sharing select MiniKeePass and transfer the database you got from your iPhone