How can I recover a Microsoft Project 2010 file which won’t open?

Pablorandrigo June 14, 2014
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I created a new project in Project 2010 standard and after several iterations of edits and saving, I tried to open the file and got an error “Project cannot recognize this file format”. I read that if you just keep hit the Save command while working, the file can get bloated and corrupt. I have a lot of time invested in this project file. Is there a way to fix corrupt ms project file?

MS Project 2010, SP1 installed. I repaired both Project and Office 2010 twice each. Yesterday I had Project uninstalled and re-installed. Not sure what to do now.

  1. Oron J
    June 14, 2014 at 11:59 am

    Project itself is fine and no amount of reinstallation or "repair" will help, since your problem is that your data file is corrupt. This appears to be a fairly common problem (happens with many other document formats, btw, not just with MS Project), caused by the file structure getting more and more complex as you go along, until something breaks. Techniques to avoid this are discussed in .

    The best option for you is to recover it from backup if you have one, even if this means losing some edit.Other than that, you could try opening it on another PC (works sometimes) or you could try creating a new project and inserting the corrupt one into it. There's also a tool you can download at which is meant to repair damaged Project files, but I have no experience with it so can't tell you if it's any good.