How can I make images in my blog display properly on mobile devices?

Anonymous March 3, 2014
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I have a blog at It works well on desktops but when I open it on a mobile device and open a post and click any image in there, it opens the image but shows only half of the image. What needs to happen is that it should show the whole image. Can you please tell me how to make it responsive? My template for the site is responsive and works well except for the issue I just mentioned.

Please anybody help me in this serious trouble. Thanks Julie

  1. Guy M
    March 6, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    You'll need to look into CSS for responsive design. There's a good starting article at Treehouse - Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design.
    If your blog is a WordPress blog, you should consider using another theme that is designed to be responsive for mobile devices. There are plenty of free ones out there.