How can I make the Chromium extension “Magic Actions for YouTube” effect videos?

Anonymous March 20, 2014
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I’m wondering how to make the Chromium extension “Magic Actions for YouTube” affect videos from YouTube Jukebox and not just ones from YouTube.

When I’m watching a video on YouTube, Magic Actions provides a feature that allows me to expand the video so that it covers the webpage only, rather than covering the whole screen. This playback mode is called “cinema mode fullscreen” by Magic Actions’ developers.

Most of the videos I watch are from YouTube Jukebox instead of YouTube. If it is not possible for Magic Actions to affect videos from YouTube Jukebox, Magic Actions is practically useless to me. If that is the case, are there any other Chromium extensions that make videos from YouTube Jukebox enter this same fullscreen mode?

Any and all help is much appreciated.