Why can I not import videos from my Panasonic DVS15 camera over Firewire?

Norman D September 7, 2014

I have an old Panasonic DVS15 video camera and several tapes I wish to edit. Neither my newer Windows 8.1 or an old XP system recognises the camera in Movie Maker using either of two firewire cables. The output from the camera to a TV is OK. Is there any way of checking if the camera is generating a firewire output, or any suggestions for a solution. Panasonic no longer have any reference to the model on their website. The original software (?) was DV2, but I have no recollection of any installation disk(s).

  1. Oron J
    September 7, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    The first thing to check is that the Firewire connection is working. Switch off the camera, open Device Manager and check the status of your computer's Firewire.
    If all's well, connect the camera and switch it on, refresh the Device manager's window (by pressing F5) and see if the camera appears and if it is described as "working properly". If not, your problem is at the electrical- or firewire-level.
    If everything is still OK, then it's probably an application issue (possibly compatibility) and perhaps someone with more specific experience in this area can suggest a remedy.