How can I fill out scanned forms on my Mac rather than by hand?

Ciro F Juarez Nunez November 12, 2014

I must fill out business forms by hand with information particular to a given situation. What I do now is to scan a form, print it and then fill it out by hand. What I’d like to do is to
have a program that will scan the form and then type the information on the form while it is in the computer and then print the filled out form. I have an imac.

  1. Oron J
    November 12, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    Ciro, if you scan the forms as PDFs then you can do just what you are after in Preview (the default viewer in OS X)! I don't remember the exact menu options, but if you look in the tools menu, you'll find an option to "annotate" the document. This gives you a set of tools that allow you to type on top of the scanned document and even draw lines & circles on it if you like!

    You can then save the PDF and this will include the annotations, so not only can you print it, but - if you have teh recipient's email address - you could even email it to them!

    BTW, you can also do this on a PC but you would need to use Foxit Reader or PDF-Xchange.