How can I access my Raspberry Pi from a remote computer over VPN?

Anonymous September 20, 2014
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I have followed the tuturial here on how to setup the Raspberry Pi as a Torrent Box with VPN client to mask my Home IP.

I have a question regarding access to the Pi once it is connected to the VPN. Currently everything is working on my Pi and I can SSH to it and use the Transmission WebUI while I am on my local network of 10.10.1.*

Now the issue I have been struggling to figure out is how to remotely access the Pi properly so I can use the WebUI. I have a Asus RT-AC68U as my main router and have a OpenVPN server running on it. This allows me to VPN into my house and access all my local devices. It is using tun as I need the Android support. The issue with tun is that it assigns a different IP to my clients – 10.8.0.* so when I try to SSH to the Pi or use the WebUI the VPN client on the Pi is redirecting this traffic over the Pi VPN (PIA) and I never get back a response. I switched my Router Server VPN to use TAP and DHCP of my local LAN and the issue was solved as in that configuration my client has a local LAN IP. I imagine I should be able to change the IPtables on the Pi so my 10.8.0.* traffic is not routed over the Pi VPN client but I cannot for the life of me figure it out. If anyone has any suggestions please point me in the right direction I have been reading for hours and hours with no luck.