Why are some of my buttons no longer working in Firefox?

Carol-Leah March 30, 2011
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Firefox does not load my homepage, the back, forward, refresh and stop buttons are greyed out. There are three users on the computer and I’m the only one with the problem. Also, I have another computer and don’t have the problem on it. I’ve asked on Firefox help but no help there.

  1. Tina
    March 30, 2011 at 6:38 pm


    which version of Firefox is this? If you haven't upgraded to Firefox 4 yet, I recommend that you do so, although it probably hasn't anything to do with your issue, unless it occurred after upgrading.

    Since the issue only occurs within your Windows user account, it's safe to say that it's a problem with either software running on your account or your installation of Firefox. It could be a corrupt theme or other plugin.

    Try to 'customize' your toolbar. Right-click into an open spot next to your buttons and select > Customize... from the menu. Try to drag and drop the buttons inside your toolbar, create a new toolbar and move them there, save your changes and see what it does.

    I would also try to switch the browser theme. Go to > Tools > Addons > Themes/Appearance and select a new one. Reboot the browser and try again.

    If none of that works, test whether it's a problem with your Firefox profile in the first place! You can do that by creating a new profile. Close Firefox, click the key combination [WINDOWS] + [R] and type this into the run command: firefox.exe -profilemanager

    It will launch the Firefox Profile Manager, which allows you to create and launch a new profile. Don't make it your default, just launch it once and observe the behavior.

    If the problem is gone in the new profile, a browser plugin specific to your account is causing the issue.

    Let us know whether any of this helped and what your results were. Thank you!