How can I make a broadband dongle work with my Xoom tablet?

Eren Ibrahim March 13, 2012
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How can I make a broadband dongle work with my Xoom tablet?

I have followed the instructions, but nothing is happening.

  1. Susendeep Dutta
    March 13, 2012 at 7:59 am

    Similar question was asked before,see in the link below -

    As according to @ha14:disqus  instructions -

    "  1. Inserted the USB Dongle 2. If USB Host Mode is enabled, the dongle will flash green, then blue
    3. Go to Settings --> Accounts & Sync --> Add Account
    4. Select 'Google'
    Hold down the back button (the physical button) for 2-5 seconds until a
    'Wireless Settings' icon appears at the bottom of the screen??????
    6. Select 'Wireless Settings'
    7. Select '3G Service enabled'
    8. Select 'Data enabled'
    Select 'Network Operators' ... You may need to wait 10-30 seconds makes
    a connection and identifies what providers are available...
    10. Choose your network operator  "

    It should work for you.

    If your USB dongle doesn't works as because it's set to CD autorun mode,the visit the article link below for full instructions -

    If still it doesn't works for you then rooting your device and following the instructions in the article below might be helpful -

    Warning : Rooting voids WARRANTY