How can I avoid losing white spaces when printing to PDF and importing into LibreOffice Draw?

Andrei July 21, 2011
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I need to take some HTML reports, print them to PDF using a virtual printer and then do some editing on the results.

I have tried to use Bullzip PDF for creating the PDF and LibreOffice for editing, but when I do open the document in LibreOffice all white spaces are gone.

I tried CutePDF as a virtual printer, but results are worse.

I cannot play around with the HTML code, as it contains some non-ASCII letters and some javascript. Or maybe it would be possible, but I doubt it is worth it.

Any idea? Maybe a PDF printer that plays nice with the white spaces, while providing good unicode support?

  1. jhpot
    July 22, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Editing PDF files is always going to be messy, because PDF files are not really designed to be edited. Open Office does a pretty good job, but quirks like this are often unavoidable.

    The best thing would be to get this data again in some form besides HTML. Can the creators of the content not send it to you in some way that can be edited?