How can I make automatic restore points work on my Windows computer?

Derald Hausmann January 28, 2011
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I have a Gateway laptop, three years old and it has NEVER made a restore point automatically.

I have reconfigured task scheduler every way it can be configured. Nothing I do will make this important function work. The history tab of task scheduler says task completed successfully, but no restore point in system protection.

Shadowstorage for C:\ is 10GB, D:\ is 900MB. Gateway MT6705 notebook, 3 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, Intel Dual Core processor.

Except for this, my machine hums along trouble free, but it’s getting older and system recovery might be needed some day.

One other point, manual restore points last less than a day then they are GONE. Why is that?

    January 29, 2011 at 7:12 am

    Hello, this may help:

    --Try disabling System Restore:
    * Press windows key + Pause/Break key >> Press System Restore Tab >> Check mark turn off system restore on all drives.
    -- Try turning system restore on:
    * Press windows key + Pause/Break key >> Press System Restore Tab >> uncheck turn off system restore on all drives >> click ok.
    -- Restart your computer. Sometimes it helps disabling and turning system restore back on. Try the steps above a couple of times always restarting your computer.
    If the steps above did not help, make a backup of your system and try the following steps:

    Before running the steps you have to show the extensions for know file types:
    -- start >> accesories >> windows explorer
    -- click the Tools button
    -- click Folder Options
    -- click the View tab
    -- remove the check from Hide extensions for known file types

    -- Click the Windows Start
    -- Click Run
    -- Type %Windir%INF
    -- Press Enter.
    -- Find SR.INF.
    -- Highlight and Right click SR.INF
    -- Click Install
    -- Restart your computer

    These steps should reinstall or repair System Restore. Hope it helps.

  2. Mike
    January 28, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    Here is the problem with Automatic System Restore Points: They are only created when your computer is IDLE. Chances are you turn your computer on, do your thing and then turn it off ~ no Restore Point will be created.

    Other things that prevent this from happening:
    - your System goes into hybernation/sleep
    - you have an Anti Virus running that prevents IDLE state
    - any other background task and service that keeps the System busy enough

    If you do want to use the built in System Restore you will have to create custom task within task scheduler and make sure it is set to run even when the System is used.

    There are various reason why Restore Points are deleted:
    - Low Disk Space (even on non-system drives this can trigger deletion)
    - you manually turn off System Restore
    - some Installer/AntiVirus/Cleaning Tool disabled System Restore
    - you manually delete the Restore Points when using Disk Cleanup [maybe by accident]
    - some Software or Cleaner deleted the points
    - the Restore point is older than 90 Days (default value)

    What you cannot do is preventing them from being deleted. This will happen one way or another.
    To get a permanent backup you WILL HAVE to use either the manual "Backup and Restore" function or a third party program for that purpose.

    Backup and Restore (Windows 7)

    Backup (Windows XP)

    EASUS ToDo Backup

    COMODO Backup

    COMODO Time Machine

    Macrium Reflect