What is the best antenna to boost the WiFi signal of a Linksys router?

Ken Hammer July 8, 2011

Best antenna to boost WiFI signal for Linksys WRT54GL? Thank you.

  1. Alec Senese
    April 25, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Ken, there is a new product out from a small company in Raleigh, NC called Mohu. They make indoor HD antennas that are awesome. Their wireless booster It is called the Bounce and from what I have been told, is unique because it doesn't relay the signal. You can also move it to whatever direction you want the signal to be amplified towards. A friend of mine said he can get a full signal (youtube, etc) from the far end of his backyard. Bounce is here, I think its going to be on amazon soon: http://www.gomohu.com/the-mohu-bounce-wifi-enhancer/

  2. Mike
    July 9, 2011 at 11:56 am

    What type of boost are you looking for ~ is it just a dead spot in the house (directional boost required), do you want to boost it in general, ... ?

    What are the legal transmission power restrictions in your country?
    What's the base transmission power (mW) of your WRT54GL set to?

    These are all points you have to consider when buying an antenna! 
    Another point is the connector type required - for Linksys this would be R-TNC.

    In most cases limits are 100mW for 2,4GHz networks and 1W for 5GHz networks. 
    For the US I think the FCC rule is 1W or less.

    The WRT54 series has a safe upper limit around 84mW ~ that's the value you can set it to without worrying about heat, and signal quality.

    The gain/boost you can achieve within those restrictions is not that big. Assuming the restriction is 1W the upper limit would be a 11-12dBi omni-directional antenna (general boost, all around). Depending on the structure of your walls and other interference you may be looking at a boost of ~5 meters/15 feet.