Why does Airport Express refuse to stream music?

Steen Rydahl July 7, 2010
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Here is my setup:

A Huawei wireless router, 6 months old.
An iMAC, app. 2 years old, connected wirelessly to the router.
An Airport Express, app. 4 years old, giving me trouble.

I want to stream music wirelessly to my stereo.

I connected the Airport Express (AE) to the stereo and plugged it in, and then I connected my iMac to it with the Airport Utility. Before I did any setup, I ran the Software Update from the iMac. I restarted the Express and the Airport Utility.

After that, I tried to set the AE up to join my existing network. I entered the network key, got through the utility and entered the WPA2 key. The AE did not connect properly, but the light changed to green, and I got a message saying that the AE was unavailable.

I reset the AE and reran the Airport Utility, but the utility can no longer “see” the AE.

The AE just sits there blinking amber. Do you have an idea about what to do?

  1. Steen Rydahl
    August 19, 2010 at 9:29 am

    I solved the problem myself at long last. I figured out that it couldn't be the AE that failed, neither my mac - because people described the use of the AE as easy - so, it had to be the router.

    3.dk (my internet provider) had a page about problemshooting the router and here is what I found:

    "If you are using a Huawei E960 or B970 router you should note, that the router automatically blocks all contact between wireless units. This influences for example wi-fi printers and computers that share ressources on the network.

    If you wish to deactivate this blocking you will have to log on to the router’s control panel (URL) in a browser.


    Choose Advanced Settings> WLAN Settings> AP Isolation: Change the setting to “Off”.


    Choose Advanced Settings> WLAN Enable> WLAN Basic Settings> AP Isolation: Change the setting to “Off”."

    I followed that receipe and - voila - everything worked, and very well at that. Now I can monitor all my music from my living room with the help of my iPod Touch. What a treat!