How do I add a DVD drive to my 2 SATA motherboard?

Glen November 20, 2014

Motherboard: I bought a computer with a MCP73T-AD motherboard in it . It came with only one CD/DVD rom .

I want to add another CD/DVD rom but the mb only has two SATA plugs. One being used by hard drive and the other being used by the DVD drive.

Question: where can I plug in my new DVD player?

  1. Kannon Y
    November 20, 2014 at 2:13 am

    Hello Glen, this is a very good question.

    It depends on the operating system that you're using. For Windows, because of its vast driver support, you could easily get a card like this:

    It offers two additional SATA ports. There's a lot of other options out there as well, but the easiest method is to just pick up something like this.