How do I add a custom “invalid login” with a media file at the login screen in Windows 7?

Dpanesiu June 27, 2014
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I would like to add a custom “Invalid Login” with an added media file, at the Login screen of my computer.

Here’s a few more details: I have a .GIF file that I want to display after a few wrong attempts to login. A similar concept to the Jurassic Park scene when the characters were attempting to get into Dennis Nedry’s computer, but failed, and as a result, the “You didn’t say the magic word” phrase was spoken and a GIF image was shown.

My question is, how can I create that on my computer logon screen, if possible? Preferably, I would want that image to appear after 3 failed attempts, but it’s not absolutely required if not possible. I know how to change the logon, logoff, and all other messages with resource hacker, but I’m looking to add an image (.GIF or a different image that I can apply a sound with it, such as .MP4) at the invalid login screen instead of a message. Is this even possible on Windows 7?

I’ve already made such a security alert on my computer for certain files that are being accessed with the wrong passwords. However, that is a much more easier task to figure out, and there are ways to bypass that security if you know what you are doing.

  1. Jan F
    June 29, 2014 at 8:29 pm

    The problem with Resource Hacker is that it really is just intended to alter "what is already there". And since the failed logon only calls a standard error dialog this won't help you.

    In older version of Windows the way to go was modifying/customizing the GINA dll (graphical identification and authentication).

    Since Vista I believe you have to build a custom Credentials Provider.