How can I add my books to Calibre 0.8.0?

Ben May 11, 2011

Having trouble understanding how to add my books to Calibre.
Can you simply procedure in your PDF Guide?
Thank you,

  1. BrutalSpoon
    May 14, 2011 at 3:10 am

     Hi Ben,

    Sorry for the late reply!

    It sounds to me that you've got calibre installed and you can see the main calibre window, but you're not sure how to add books. This is the question I'll answer, but please tell me if I've misinterpreted it!

    To add books you calibre, you'll need to click on the arrow next to the first icon in the toolbar. It looks like a book with a + sign on it. This will give you a drop down menu with different options for adding books.

    If all your books are in a single folder and are not organized into sub-folders, choose "Add books from a single directory".

    If your books are organized into sub-folders by author, for example, you'll want  “Add books from directories, including sub directories (Multiple books per directory, assumes every eBook file is a different book)”

    Clicking on either of these will bring up a file manager window (either Finder for Mac or Windows Explorer for Windows) that will ask you to browse to where your books are. You'll want to select the folder which contains all your books or contains all of the author sub-folders.

    That should do it! Please let me know how it goes.