How can I access my Windows XP computer after forgetting the login password?

Dick Macy April 8, 2011
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I have been using Apple computer for some time and as a result I have forgotten the Windows password to my Windows XP Pro computer. I do not have access to downloading since my IBM is inaccessible. It appears that is the popular mode for those who offer solutions. I need a CD which I can load into the IBM computer that will be recognized upon booting the system.

    April 9, 2011 at 4:32 am

    Hello, have you tried accessing the hidden administrator account on safe mode? Usually this account does not have a password on it, unless you changed it previously. To access safe mode follow the next steps:

    -- Restart computer
    -- When BIOS is checking your system and before Windows starts loading, keep pressing the f8 key
    -- This should take you to safe mode. You will recognize you are on safe mode because you will start the computer on a black screen with safe mode written on every corner
    -- A box will pop up asking you if you want to use safemode or do a system restore. Choose safemode
    -- Click on the administrator account, this account has no password by default. Hopefully it is still using default settings.

    This hidden administrator account does not show when you start your computer on normal mode. After the steps above are completed, try to do the following:

    -- click on the start button
    -- select run command
    -- type the following command into box: control userpasswords2
    -- click on OK
    -- select the account you do not have a password for
    -- click on the change password option
    -- type a new password in the new password box
    -- confirm new password when asked
    -- click on ok
    -- restart computer and see if it works
    -- do not forget the password

  2. Tina
    April 8, 2011 at 8:39 pm


    I assume you're referring to your Windows user or Administrator password, i.e. the login password.

    Check out the following articles, I'm sure you'll find a method that will work for you.
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    As for the options for which you required an installation CD, maybe you can borrow one from a friend or colleague, just to fix the login issue.

    Please do let us know whether you found a way to re-gain access to your computer and how you did it!