Why do I not have access to the internet despite a connection in Windows 7 running through Boot Camp on a Mac?

speedfreak132 June 17, 2011
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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit running via Boot Camp on a 15″ Macbook Pro. My internet access is through a BtHomeHub 2 and all works fine on OS X. However, it has stopped working when I’m using Windows.

Looking at the connection it says I’m connected to the correct hub and that I have internet access, but when I start IE, Safari or Firefox, none of them will load any pages at all. Further to this, Spotify will not connect, Kapersky Internet security says it can’t connect to update and I can’t update Windows itself either. Basically, even though it says I have internet access, I clearly do not.

I have tried a few things including resetting the hub, both restarting and restoring Windows, and I have tried the Winsock fix that my Google search on the issue came up with, but no success. Can anyone help with this?

  1. Tina
    June 23, 2011 at 2:44 am


    did any of the tips ha14 provided lead you to the solution of your problem? Please update us. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous
    June 18, 2011 at 9:25 am

    a windows update can be responsible for internet lost? Mac drivers aren't communicating properly with Windows 7.

    control panel / network connections / configure adapter. double click your adapter and make sure both IPv4 and IPv6 are enabled. Now go into each one and make sure obtain IP and obtain DNS addresses automatically are checked.
    If that doesn't work, go into device manager (winkey-pause), right-click on the adapter and select update drivers.

    or call your internet provider then possible they will change the channel and increase the power.

    update bootcamp:reinstal?