Will a 16GB memory card make my Nokia 5233 mobile phone slower?

Mahtab February 11, 2011

I want to buy a 16GB memory card for my Nokia 5233, but I’m confused. My friends says it will become slower with 16GB. Has anybody used it? Nokia says it supports up to 16GB, then how will it become slower and why? Please help! Please explain in detail with reason. Thanks in advance.

  1. Mike
    February 12, 2011 at 2:35 am

    Not necessarily but at some point it will...

    If the internal storage is near it's limit it will get slower. Using a memory card is both, a solution to this problem and the source of other problems:

    1. Much like the internal storage a full memory card will slow down your phone
    2. When running Applications from the memory card it will get cluttered and at some point it might get corrupted, both will slow down your phone eventually

    It definitely is a good idea to get a memory card ~ you just have to find the right balance how to use it, like storing pictures, music and/or large Applications (e.g. offline navigation) onto it.

    Phones are pretty much like computers ~ they more you use it they more it will start to "slow down". And if the storage is full the system "will make you notice it".