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7 Tiny Things You Can Do In A Few Minutes For Your Writing Creativity

3 days ago

6 Tips To Help You Get Your First Guest Post Accepted

1 week ago

10 Ways To Celebrate National Poetry Month

2 weeks ago

How To Write A Great Lede When Writing For The Web

5th April, 2014

Google Docs Adds-Ons For Students: These 5 Will Help You Write A Paper

27th March, 2014

Facing Writer’s Block? Get The Ideas Flowing With These 3 Daily Rituals

27th March, 2014

Not Just For Writers: 4 Essential Word Tools For Windows

26th March, 2014
Author Crowdfunding(5)

5 Crowdfunding Sites Where You Can Raise Money For Your Next Book

24th March, 2014

How To Develop The Skilled Writer Inside You For A Successful Life

12th March, 2014

Team Working: 10 Tips For Effective Real-Time Online Collaboration

5th March, 2014

Improve Your Writing With Expresso, The Style Checker

24th February, 2014

How Collaborative Writing Tools Make Your Life Easier

21st February, 2014

13 Browser-Based Tools For Writers

17th February, 2014

Turn Your iPad Into A Mobile Writing Workstation

14th February, 2014
Pen and Paper

5 Clever But Simple Ways To Find Inspiring Writing Prompts Online

5th February, 2014

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How To Write A Great Lede When Writing For The Web

April 5, 2014

One of the hardest elements is concocting a great lede; ledes being the one chance you have of persuading readers to commit to an article in full. Here are five tips to start well.


10 Ways To Celebrate National Poetry Month

April 8, 2014

April is National Poetry Month in the US. Anyone can participate in the festivities online. There’s no shortage of great ideas from the likes of the New York Times, NPR, and more.


13 Browser-Based Tools For Writers

February 17, 2014

Whether you need help with organization or a clean slate on which to write your words, these tools will prove useful to all of you who write on a regular basis. Don’t miss out!


How To Organize Your Research With The Power Of Google Drive

August 19, 2013

There are certain advantages to using Google Drive for your research work. It’s free and available from everywhere of course. Everyone with a Google account has it by default. Tied to your Google account, it gives you a range of collaboration options. It only gets better from here as you can use the Research tool to power all your probes and quests.

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