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How Can I Tell If My New (Used) Smartphone Is Stolen?

20th November, 2013

Lock Your Android Device Remotely With The Android Device Manager

26th September, 2013

What Are RFID-Blocking Wallets & Which Should You Buy?

26th September, 2013

Fraudsters Still Clone Credit Cards: Keep Plastic In Your Pocket

3rd September, 2013

4 Android Anti-Theft Solutions Compared: Which Is The Best?

6th August, 2013

Locate Your Misplaced (Or Stolen) Device With The Android Device Manager [Updates]

5th August, 2013

Top Lost Hardware Services to Trace Your Stolen iPhone or Android

5th June, 2013
Prey Tracker Program Intro

Use Prey & Never Lose Your Laptop Or Phone Again [Cross-Platform]

26th April, 2013
Laptop in public 2 edit Resized

Tools & Techniques For When You Must Leave Your Laptop Alone In Public

2nd March, 2013

Identify The Guy Who Stole Your Phone, Tablet Or Laptop

16th January, 2013

How Scammers Target Your PayPal Account & How To Never Fall For It

14th December, 2012

Don’t Be A Victim: Practical Tips To Protect Your Smartphone From Theft

13th December, 2012

What Is My Phone’s IMEI, And What Is It For? [MakeUseOf Explains]

16th November, 2012

Reader, Beware Of Content Thieves: Why Pirates Steal Website Content

14th October, 2012

Top 8 Apps & Services For Tracing A Mobile Phone Location [iOS, Android, WP7 & Others]

11th May, 2012

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How Can I Tell If My New (Used) Smartphone Is Stolen?

November 20, 2013

If a brand new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Nokia Lumia is beyond your budget and you don’t want to tie yourself to a contract, buying a used handset is often the popular – and obvious – choice. However, buying a phone this way can be laced with risk and danger. You might end up with […]

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