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The New My Yahoo Gets A New Design To Emerge As An iGoogle Alternative

23rd September, 2013

6 Best Netvibes Widgets For Bloggers And Journalists

2nd August, 2013
Speed Dial

4 Websites To Create Personalized “Speed Dial” Homepages

31st May, 2013
Sad Tab

Reader Isn’t The Only One – Alternatives For 3 Dead Google Services

23rd April, 2013
Currently Feature Image

Currently: The Modern Way To View The Weather And Time, All In One Tab [Chrome]

6th April, 2013

Backstitch: A Viable Personalized Start Page Alternative For iGoogle Refugees

28th September, 2012
Awesome New Tab Page

Get An Awesome New Tab Page For Google Chrome

8th August, 2012

Great Personalized Start Pages: 6 Alternatives To iGoogle

19th July, 2012

Bring Some Life Into Your Browser With These 5 Brilliant Start-Page Extensions [Chrome]

14th May, 2012

FortySevens (474747): A Startpage With Access To A Huge Number Of Useful Sites

18th January, 2012

5 Cool Retro Games You Should Add To Your iGoogle Page

30th December, 2011

Replace Google Chrome’s Default New Tab Page With The Visually Pleasing Incredible StartPage

18th July, 2011

Customize Your Browser’s Start Page To Look Like The Windows 8 Theme

28th June, 2011

Do You Use A Start Page Or Saved Sessions In Your Browser? [MakeUseOf Poll]

26th June, 2011

Turn Your Android Phone Into a Shared Internet Launching Point With PAW

20th May, 2011

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The New My Yahoo Gets A New Design To Emerge As An iGoogle Alternative

September 23, 2013

Yahoo isn’t pulling any stops in its efforts to personalize the user experience for you. In the latest move, it has dusted off My Yahoo and given the personal start page a fresh look.

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