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How Skype’s Star Trek Translator Works

10th March, 2015

10 Tips To Make You a More Efficient Skype User

22nd February, 2015

How To Use Your Smartphone as a Windows Microphone

18th February, 2015

Use These Skype Privacy Settings to Secure Your Account

30th January, 2015

Skype Lets You Spy On Strangers, Apple Issues Critical Mac Update [Tech News Digest]

24th December, 2014

Skype Offers Universal Translator, Facebook Stops Accepting ‘Users’ [Tech News Digest]

16th December, 2014

How To Use Skype On Android For Beginners

30th November, 2014

How To Share Music On Skype Or Add Sound To Podcasts & Audio Clips Like a Pro

24th November, 2014

Google Glass Going Cheap, Share Your Kindle Books, & More… [Tech News Digest]

17th November, 2014

Need To Use Skype? You CAN Do That On A Chromebook

25th September, 2014

How A Mastermind Group Can Help You Achieve More Goals

25th September, 2014

Amazon Prime Music, Tesla Patents, Bitcoin Auction, Angry Birds Epic [Tech News Digest]

13th June, 2014

Skype 5.0 Gets a Complete Overhaul for the iPhone

12th June, 2014

Apple Finally Buys Beats, Microsoft Teases Skype Translator, Hidden Cash On Twitter [Tech News Digest]

29th May, 2014

Skype Steals Google Hangouts’ Thunder With Free Group Video Calls

3rd May, 2014

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How To Make Skype Calls Via Your Browser

April 4, 2014

If you hate opening up apps you’ve probably realised that Skype is one of those things you generally forget to open. Well, you can get Skype in your browser.


Microsoft Introduces Skype TX With Studio Quality Features

April 11, 2014

Microsoft is attempting to make Skype a better, more professional experience with the introduction of Skype TX, promising broadcasters “Studio-grade” performance, thus making their broadcasts better for themselves and their listeners/viewers.

How Skype’s Star Trek Translator Works

March 10, 2015

Skype’s new translate feature offers something dreamed of since Star Trek — an effortless way to communicate across languages.


How To Use Your Smartphone as a Windows Microphone

February 18, 2015

A microphone is useful when you want to join a conversation online. What if your computer doesn’t have one? Simply hook up your smartphone as a mic. Here’s how.

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