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Windows XP Security Risks: They’re Real And Heading Your Way In 2014

3 days ago

Windows 8.1 Update Is Here! What It Is & How To Get It Now

1 week ago

Danger Confirmed: Heartbleed Really Does Open Up Crypto Keys to Hackers

1 week ago

Microsoft Has Killed Windows XP… Now What? [We Ask You]

10th April, 2014
old windows xp computer

Windows XP: What’s Happening To It Now?

9th April, 2014

Which Browser Is Most Secure On Your Old Windows XP System?

29th March, 2014

Avast Launches GrimeFighter To Clean Up & Safeguard Your Windows PC

28th March, 2014
landscape similar to windows xp bliss wallpaper

5 Reasons Why You Love Windows XP & What You Sacrifice

26th March, 2014

Deskman: The Advanced Desktop Security Manager For Restricting Access To PC Settings

26th March, 2014

Stay Protected From Every Type Of Malware With Avast Free Antivirus

12th March, 2014

Lock Down These Services Now With Two-Factor Authentication

7th March, 2014

5 Security Software Myths That Can Prove Dangerous

3rd March, 2014
windows 8 steve ballmer

Native Security and Privacy Options For Windows 8.1 Explained

21st February, 2014

Microsoft Makes Office 365 Cloud Secure With Multi-Factor Authentication

13th February, 2014

Long Live Windows XP! [We Ask You Results]

12th February, 2014

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Bitdefender Internet Security: Your All-In-One Solution, Two Windows 8 Laptop Giveaway

June 27, 2013

We’ve been testing a brand new product called¬†Bitdefender Internet Security, which was released yesterday.¬†It’s packed with more security features than you can even imagine, which means it can literally be the only security solution required to keep your PC running smoothly. We are giving you the chance to win one of 10 one-year license, which is valid for 1 PC, valued at a total of $500!


CryptoLocker Is The Nastiest Malware Ever & Here’s What You Can Do

October 29, 2013

CryptoLocker is a type of malicious software that renders your computer entirely unusable by encrypting all of your files. It then demands monetary payment before access to your computer is returned.

old windows xp computer

Windows XP: What’s Happening To It Now?

April 9, 2014

Windows XP may be dead, but it’s not yet gone. Over 27% of computers connected to the Internet still run Windows XP. Here’s exactly what “end of support” means for Windows XP systems.


Windows 8.1 Update Is Here! What It Is & How To Get It Now

April 14, 2014

Curious about the latest Windows 8.1 Update or not sure what this is about? KB2919355 is a cumulative update that comes with useful features. It can also be removed in case it causes issues.

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