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10 Free PowerPoint Templates To Present Your Photos With Style

2 weeks ago

Meet Instagram’s Five New Filters (And Learn What They Are Best For)

18th December, 2014

How Do You Share Your Photos Online? [MakeUseOf Poll]

9th November, 2014

10 Free Photo Editor Tools To Make The Most Of Your Shots

28th October, 2014

Share Your Photos, Not Your Phone With Microsoft Xim

15th October, 2014

Droool Brings Social Media Photos To Your Mac Desktop

16th September, 2014

Not Just For Selfies: 6 Ways Outdoorsy Travelers Can Use Instagram

9th September, 2014

What Is Revenge Porn, And Are You At Risk From It?

30th July, 2014

Stand Out From The Insta-Crowd: How To Make Your Photos Truly Unique

15th July, 2014

Create Impressive Photo Collages Without Photoshop Using Photo Slice & TapnSlice

9th July, 2014

Canon Launches Cloud Storage Solution For Photos With 10GB Of Free Space

6th June, 2014

Give Your Photos An Instant Edge With The New Editing Tools On Instagram

4th June, 2014

Google Chromecast Goes Sports Crazy Adding WatchESPN, MLS, And More

4th June, 2014

Photographing Food? 6 Tips To Help You Make That Dish Look Appetizing

27th May, 2014

Google+ Adds The Awesome Touch To Your Memories With Stories & Movies

23rd May, 2014

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10 Common Web Tasks You Can Do Without Signing Up

April 24, 2014

Security bugs like Heartbleed make it clear that your logins and passwords are not safe. But what if you could use the Web for common tasks without signing up for an account?


Learn From The Best: 10 Professional Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

February 12, 2014

For every professional photographer who takes issue with Instagram, there are many who are happily using the app to reach an additional photo-loving audience. They’re worth a follow.


Photographing Food? 6 Tips To Help You Make That Dish Look Appetizing

May 27, 2014

Do you know what’s better than sitting down to an amazing meal? Taking pictures of it, of course. With that said, some food photos… Well, they just plain suck.


How to Create Movie and Photo Slideshows With Music

March 21, 2014

Get creative. You spend all that time taking little videos and photos of everything you do, just to leave them electronically rotting on your hard drive. What a waste!

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