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Tiny Core Linux Is Your Smallest Choice For An Operating System

28th August, 2013

How To Copy Data From A Laptop

23rd July, 2013

Curious About Linux? 5 Easy & No Risk Ways To Try Linux On Your Windows PC

4th July, 2013

The GParted Live CD: A Quick Way To Edit Your Primary Partitions [Linux]

16th January, 2013

Kill Windows Viruses With An Ubuntu Live CD

22nd November, 2012

Parted Magic: A Complete Hard Drive Toolbox On One Live CD

3rd October, 2012

Three Live CD Antivirus Scanners You Can Try When Windows Won’t Start

13th July, 2011

Boot Multiple Live CDs From One USB Disk With YUMI [Windows]

7th July, 2011

Kdenlive – A Stable & Versatile Free Cross-Platform Video Editor [Linux, Mac & Live CD]

4th July, 2011

Windows Users: Here Is Why You Need A Linux Live CD

14th March, 2011

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Saves You From Reinstalling Badly Infected Windows

23rd October, 2010

Try Google’s Android Mobile OS on Your Computer with Live CD

17th August, 2010

GParted – The Ultimate In Partitioning Software

22nd July, 2010

4 Reasons Every Windows User Should Have An Ubuntu Live CD

21st July, 2010

Create Custom Ubuntu CDs Easily With Reconstructor [Linux]

13th May, 2010

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Tiny Core Linux Is Your Smallest Choice For An Operating System

August 28, 2013

Linux’s capacity for configuration is exceptional — while it’s pretty known that you can configure it to however you like (such as with SUSE Studio), that capacity isn’t limited to just the selection of used software (ranging everywhere from the graphics stack to the desktop environment to the office suite). In fact, one of the great benefits of Linux’s flexible nature is that you can put the software on any computer imaginable, from high-powered supercomputers to netbooks to embedded systems such as aircraft entertainment systems.


How To Copy Data From A Laptop

July 23, 2013

Laptops have a particularly short lifetime. While it is possible to upgrade laptop hardware, one day the time will come when that is just not possible or worth it any more. This is when you will want to copy your data from your old laptop to a new device. How you can do this essentially depends on how much data there is to back up and whether or not the old laptop is still booting.

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