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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With iOS Safari

4 hours ago

Hackers Steal StubHub Millions, Apple Defends iOS Backdoors, And More… [Tech News Digest]

6 hours ago

Create Stylish Resumes & CVs On the iPad, No Formatting Required

1 day ago

Save Big On Plex, Sunrizer Synth, 3D Puzzler Lost Toys & More [iOS Sales]

6 days ago

The Best iPhone OCR Apps Tested

1 week ago
ios feat

The Complete iOS 8 + Swift Developers Course (Pre-Order), Bonus iOS 7 Dev Course

1 week ago

Get Assassin’s Creed Pirates Free & Cheap KORG Apps [iOS Sales]

2 weeks ago

Create Impressive Photo Collages Without Photoshop Using Photo Slice & TapnSlice

9th July, 2014

How Does Apple’s New Programming Language Affect Me?

8th July, 2014

Plan & Achieve Your Dreams With These iOS Bucket List Apps

8th July, 2014

Start Your Diary Today: DayOne for iPhone & iPad Is Free [iOS Sales]

5th July, 2014

10 Awesome Cross-Platform Mobile Multiplayer Games You Need To Play

1st July, 2014

The Big Guide To Printing From Your iPhone or iPad

30th June, 2014

Grab A Bargain On iPad Music Apps & True Skate is Free [iOS Sales]

28th June, 2014

Why You Shouldn’t Install The iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Betas

26th June, 2014

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iOS Apps on Sale for 12 Apr: Photoshop Touch Is Half Price

April 12, 2014

Another week, another round of sales and another thousand or so app offers to trawl through – most of them in a script you don’t recognise. Relax, we’ve done the hard work!

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Bypass Georestrictions By Changing Your Smartphone’s DNS Settings

April 4, 2014

Services like UnoDNS and Unblock-Us aren’t just for your computer. They’ll work on smartphones, tablets, and even game consoles.

iOS Apps on Sale for Apr 5: Last Year’s Best Game is Half Price!

April 5, 2014

Another week, another flurry of sales. This week: a famously Kickstarted daily journaling app, help with turning mobile photographs into beautiful posters and last year’s best game for half-price.


iCab: Another Powerful Alternative to Safari on the iPad

April 12, 2014

When I recently compared six alternative web browsers for the iPad, I didn’t know about iCab, which several readers thought should have been a part of my review. And they were absolutely right.

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