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7 Google Crowdsourcing Projects That Help Us Today

3 hours ago

Apple Starts a Religion, Microsoft Cancels Windows 10, & More… [Tech News Digest]

10 hours ago

Save Your Time With 10 Underused Google Features

1 week ago

Can Google Use an Algorithm to Determine Truth?

1 week ago

People Apparently Still Buy CDs, Larry King Tweets by Dictation, and More…[Tech News Digest]

2 weeks ago

Learning Google Script: 5 Best Sites & Tutorials to Bookmark

18th March, 2015

6 Gorgeous Material Design-Inspired Music Players for Android

17th March, 2015

See What Google Might Shut Down Next With These 5 Sites

17th March, 2015

Google Code Is Shutting Down, The BBC Gives Micro Bits To Kids [Tech News Digest]

13th March, 2015

Launching the Google Hardware Store, Play Cards Against Humanity Online [Tech News Digest]

12th March, 2015

Apple Watch Finally Arrives, HBO Now Exclusive to iDevices [Tech News Digest]

10th March, 2015

3 Ways Technology Can Be Used To Limit Your Privacy & Freedoms

5th March, 2015

Tinder Discriminates Against Oldies, Bill Gates is Still Richie Rich [Tech News Digest]

3rd March, 2015

Samsung Reveals Edgier Galaxy S6, Lenovo Cuts the Crapware [Tech News Digest]

2nd March, 2015

YouTube Barely Breaks Even, Lenovo Hacked Over Superfish [Tech News Digest]

26th February, 2015

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Google Keep Brings Text Recognition To Images In The Latest Version

April 5, 2014

Google Keep is now appears stylized with a new orange action bar. The note-taking app now also gives you a feature to search printed text in images.


Save Your Time With 10 Underused Google Features

March 24, 2015

Google’s tools and services do everything for us. But there are a lot of features that go underused. Save a few seconds and get more done with the Google tools you use every day.


Google Will Use Your Profile Information In Their Ads – Unless You Opt Out

May 17, 2014

Google has just updated their terms of service allowing them to use your Google profile information in their ads. Which is rather underhanded because who really reads terms and conditions?


5 Lesser-Known Google-Made Android Apps You Should Try

December 5, 2014

You may not have heard of these Google apps, but they’re pretty amazing. Check them out and you may just find something you like.

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