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Distracted By Google Search? 4 “Search Engines” You Should Not Ignore

19th June, 2014

E3 2014 News Roundup, Facebook Teases Slingshot, Moto X Offer Ends [Tech News Digest]

10th June, 2014

Google Remembers 70th D-Day Anniversary With Grand Online Exhibit

7th June, 2014

NSA Facials, Beats Kills MOG, Kills Archive, Heartbleed Spam [Tech News Digest]

2nd June, 2014

The Right To Be Forgotten Is No Big Deal [We Ask You Results]

28th May, 2014

Cyber-Espionage, GoPro IPO, Virtual Rubik’s Cube, Gay Nintendo [Tech News Digest]

20th May, 2014

How Google Keyword Planner Tool Helps You Visualize Search Trends Better

18th May, 2014

Start A Smooth Hands Free Conversation With The Improved Google Search App For iOS

14th May, 2014

Kickstarter Consumer Protection, Netflix For The Blind, Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors [Tech News Digest]

5th May, 2014

Nine New Features Added to the Google Keyword Planner Tool

26th April, 2014

Turkey Twitter War, Gmail Snooping, BlackBerry Leaks, MS-DOS Secrets [Tech News Digest]

27th March, 2014

On A Diet? Google Lets You Compare Any Two Foods’ Nutritional Information

26th March, 2014

Google Updates For Android: Voice Activated Camera & Personalized Keyboard Suggestions Arrive

21st March, 2014

OK Google Doesn’t Work In Your Country? Don’t Worry, It Does Now

20th March, 2014

Popcorn Time Returns, XP Bribes, PS4 Price Rise, 1001 Movies You Must See [Tech News Digest]

17th March, 2014

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8 Google Search Tips To Keep Handy At All Times

August 7, 2013

Figures don’t lie, and the figures suggest that the majority of Internet users choose Google over the rest of the competition. With that in mind it’s important to make sure all of those Google users are utilizing all that Google has to offer when it comes to its search engine. Everyone knows how to conduct a normal search by typing some words and/or a phrase into the box provided and following the links that emerge from the overcrowded fog. But Google Search offers a lot more than just the basics.


OK, Google: 20+ Useful Things You Can Say To Your Android Phone

November 15, 2013

Slowly, without us noticing, the future has arrived.


How Google Keyword Planner Tool Helps You Visualize Search Trends Better

May 18, 2014

Google has really gone above and beyond in adding better visual data to the AdWords keyword search tool. Let’s review the latest version of the Keyword Planner tool with its impressive visualizations


The Secrets Of Google Advanced Search: 5 Websites With Tips For You To Learn From

August 5, 2013

The Web is a maze and you need more than a few standard operators to wade through it. To come out successfully on the other end, you need to power search. Your weapon of choice – Google Advanced Search. The homepage itself has a lot of Google Search tools which we don’t use much, but if you want to get your hands dirty, you need to know the secrets of Google Advanced Search. Here are a few places where you can learn all about the inner workings of advanced search.

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