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Send Content To Evernote In Record Time Using Drafts For iOS

6th March, 2014

Evernote for Windows Updated With Image Annotation & Faster Sync

6th March, 2014

How To Use Evernote To Manage Your Meetings

10th February, 2014

Evernote For Mac Updates To Let You Search With Everyday Language

7th February, 2014

EverMemo for iOS Gets Notes Into Evernote Easier and Faster

4th February, 2014

New iOS Evernote Includes Home Screen Customization and Faster Syncing

1st February, 2014

SwiftKey Arrives Smartly On iOS With A Neat Note-Taking App

1st February, 2014

For Visual Thinkers: 2 Different Ways To Look At Your Evernote Notes

24th January, 2014

How & Why I Use 5 Digital Notebooks to Stay Productive

9th January, 2014

Evernote Releases New Safari Web Clipper Featuring Annotation Tools and Reader View

18th November, 2013

Skitch 3.0.4 Update For iOS Brings Maps & ‘Open In’

7th November, 2013

Evernote Now Extending Two-Step Verification To All Users

10th October, 2013

Evernote Brings Post-it Notes Into The Online Note-Taking Platform

1st October, 2013

Evernote’s New Web Clipper Is The Ultimate Content Saving Tool

26th September, 2013

Earn Points With The New Evernote Referral Program By Referring Friends

20th September, 2013

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7 Tools To Improve The Way You Use Evernote

May 23, 2013

For most people, the note-taking application of choice is Evernote. And Evernote users have good reasons for choosing the service for their note-taking needs — it’s very functional, highly accessible, and has add-on features that can take you beyond the default Evernote experience. Here are seven tools that help to improve the way you use Evernote.


8 Evernote Upgrades You Should Know About

August 20, 2013

It seems like every other month, Evernote gets additional upgrades. A few are quietly released, while others are highly anticipated by heavy Evernote users. Since I wrote my last article about Evernote’s new design and file storage upgrades, the popular notebook has gotten important new features, including Reminders, a highlighter and tighter security for subscribers, among others, and today I’m taking a look at what’s made it into the latest versions for Mac OS X and iOS.

Chrome Dropbox Spotify Logo

Getting A New PC? 12 Must Have Applications To Install First

June 17, 2013

It’s a fuzzy feeling when you unbox that brand new desktop or laptop and consider how fast and responsive of an experience you’re about to be in for. When you purchase a new computer, treat it like a new car. Take care of it and give it no more or less than what it needs. Is there really a need for you to download six different media players? None of that! If you consider buying a new PC, or you’ve just purchased one, go down this list and let me make your job easier on you.

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8 Essential Tools For The Digital Hoarder

July 19, 2013

Yes – I’m a digital hoarder – and my hard drive was so full I had to buy a 4TB NAS. Movies, music, photos, eBooks, stock footage — I just know I’ll get around to watching, listening, reading or making use of them someday. Without the proper tools (or counselling, probably) a collection like that can quickly grow out of hand. But I’m not here to judge – no, I’m going to enable you. These tools should help, at least until you realise it’s time to purge yourself of these meaningly virtual things.

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