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Windows Desktop Search Intro

What Are the Fastest Tools for Windows Desktop Search?

10th May, 2013

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11th March, 2013

UltraFileSearch Lite: One Of The Best Free Replacements To Windows Search

30th December, 2012

7files – A Powerful Browser For Your Files & Folders [Windows]

12th October, 2012

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8th October, 2012

7 Awesome Alternatives To Windows Search

12th July, 2012

Search The Apple And iTunes Store From Your Menubar With Tunesque

18th November, 2011

How To Enhance Your Windows Experience With AquaSnap (Not Only in Windows 7!)

11th July, 2011

Try Out Some Awesome Unity Lenses [Ubuntu]

28th May, 2011

Two Free Alternatives To OS X Spotlight [Mac]

10th December, 2010

How to Remove Windows Desktop Search from Your PC

18th October, 2010

Quickly Search Documents For Words with DocFetcher

30th January, 2010

Transfz – Search the Web From Any Windows App

18th December, 2009

10 More Things You Can Do with Quick Search Box [Mac]

8th December, 2009

4 Basic Actions You Can Perform with Google Quick Search Box [Mac]

6th December, 2009

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Windows Desktop Search Intro

What Are the Fastest Tools for Windows Desktop Search?

May 10, 2013

The more I use my computer, the more I realize how much I take search for granted. How many times have you lost a pair of socks or misplaced your keys only to wish you could search for them and have the location spit back out to you? Fortunately, Windows (and most other operating systems) comes with a handy search feature. But on top of the default search feature, there are a number of third-party tools that claim to be better and faster.

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