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How To Mirror The iPhone Or iPad To Your TV [iOS]

29th April, 2013

Add A Fresh Finder-Like File System Interface To iOS Using iFile [Cydia]

18th February, 2013

Add Infinite Icons To Your iOS Dock With Infinidock [Cydia Tweak]

2nd February, 2013

Activator Is The Most Important Jailbreak Tweak Available [Cydia]

10th November, 2012

MyWi: The Best Way To Tether With An iOS Device [iOS, Cydia]

8th November, 2012

FolderEnhancer Makes iOS Folders Better Than You Ever Imagined [Cydia, iOS]

2nd November, 2012

DreamBoard Makes Your iPhone Look Like You Never Thought Possible [iOS, Cydia]

1st November, 2012

3G Unrestrictor 5 Lets You Take Control Of Your iPhone’s Data [Cydia, iOS]

27th October, 2012

BiteSMS – The Best Cydia Tweak For Text Messaging [Cydia, iOS]

18th October, 2012

Dashboard X 2.0 Takes iOS To The Next Level [Cydia]

6th September, 2012

4 Cydia Tweaks That Will Make Google Chrome On iOS The Best Browser Around [Cydia, iOS]

26th July, 2012

Can’t Wait For iOS 6? Here’s How To Get Some Of The Awesome Features On Your Jailbroken Device Right Now [Cydia]

23rd June, 2012

How To Integrate Facebook Into Your Jailbroken Device Before iOS 6 Launches [Cydia]

21st June, 2012

Which One Does More: Jailbroken iOS vs. Custom ROM Android

24th May, 2012

360MobileSafe – The Only iPhone Security App You Will Ever Need [Cydia]

21st April, 2012

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How To Mirror The iPhone Or iPad To Your TV [iOS]

April 29, 2013

The iPad (or even the iPhone) is a great device to enjoy apps and video while you’re on the road, or in bed. In fact, you can enjoy your media wherever you are. However, sitting a small distance from your big television set, some of this media might be wasted on the small screen of your iOS device. Instead, you could switch to your computer, or a media center hooked up to your TV. But if you want to enjoy the content from your iPhone or iPad, there’s a third option.

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