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3 Smart Chrome Extensions To Speed Up Your Workflow

6 days ago
Space & Astronomy With Chrome

8 Unmissable Tools For Space-Obsessed Chrome Users

2nd September, 2014

4 Brilliant Facebook Tricks You’ll Love Messing With [Weekly Facebook Tips]

27th August, 2014

How To Get A New Wallpaper Every Day On Your Chromebook

26th August, 2014

The Best Ways To Search And Play YouTube Music On Chrome, Firefox And The Web

10th August, 2014

Loading Or Crawling? Pinpoint The Extensions Slowing Your Browser

8th August, 2014

Save Time And Money: PriceZombie Brings The Deals To You

11th July, 2014

Try These 3 Beautiful Note-Taking Apps That Work Offline

10th July, 2014

How To Install Chrome Extensions Manually

4th July, 2014

Revamp Chrome’s Default Tab Page With One Of These 4 Start Screens

3rd July, 2014

Search And Replace Text In Chrome To Boost Your Productivity Online

30th June, 2014

Listen To Articles And Be Highly Productive With Text-To-Speech Software In Chrome

26th June, 2014

Edit Image Text With Chrome’s Project Naptha: What It Is & How To Use It

26th June, 2014

Get Facebook Chat Heads In Chrome Just Like On Your Phone [Weekly Facebook Tips]

24th June, 2014

Use These Link Preview Extensions In Chrome To Know What You’re Clicking

19th June, 2014

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11 Chrome Extensions That Will Super-Power Your Gmail Experience

April 9, 2014

Google makes the Chrome browser and Google makes Gmail. Naturally, you have some great Chrome extensions to make your Gmail experience better.


The Best Speed-Reading Extensions For Chrome

April 7, 2014

The Galaxy S5 just got Spritz, a speed-reading app that is shaking up the way we read on our tablets. What are the best speed-reading apps for Chrome? Let’s take a look.


Four Excellent Image Editors For Your Chromebook

April 9, 2014

Do you like editing and tweaking images but find the Chromebook’s default editor too limited? Here are some alternatives.


Emailing Links? Make Them Rich & Clickable With Clip Better

April 10, 2014

Many of us use email to share links with people. Instead of a that drab blue link, send a rich Facebook-like link preview box with Clip Better.

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