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Set Up A Quick IM System On Your Intranet With EZIM

9th May, 2012

3 Free Voice Chat Programs For PC Gamers

8th May, 2012
Omegle Logo

Omegle – A Site Like ChatRoulette That Promises More Strangers To Talk To

1st May, 2012
IM Clients

3 Revisited & 3 New Web-Based IM Clients For Chatting On The Go

16th March, 2012

Facebook Messenger For Windows 7 Officially Relaunches With Final Version [News]

6th March, 2012

First Tests With Apple’s New Messages Beta [Mac]

3rd March, 2012
Free IRC Clients Intro

The Top 7 Best Free IRC Clients for Windows 7

17th February, 2012
Free IRC Clients Intro

How To Automatically Join IRC Servers & Channels With HydraIRC

6th February, 2012

Chat On IRC Like It’s 1995 With HydraIRC [Windows]

5th February, 2012

5 Google Talk Chatbots That Are Still Useful

1st February, 2012
mumble icon

Get The Advantage By Talking To Your Gamer Friends With Mumble Voice Chat

30th January, 2012

Is The New AIM Preview A Skype Competitor?

17th January, 2012

3 Ultra-Lightweight Programs That Don’t Get Enough Love

17th January, 2012
imo networks – Multi-Protocol Instant Messaging Nirvana [Android 1.6+]

16th January, 2012

4 More Awesome Skype Apps You Should Install [Windows]

10th January, 2012

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Broadcast Your Message To A List Of Friends As WhatsApp Redesigns Its iOS App

December 5, 2013

WhatsApp is counted among the more popular social networks today. The new iOS 7 look is subtle and the new Broadcast List feature is surely something any user would appreciate.


BBM 2.1 Update Brings Stickers in BBM Shop, Larger File Support

April 2, 2014

BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM as it is more commonly known, has just had a major update that brings a new features and some improvements. BBM can be downloaded on Android and iOS as well.


Live the Game: Use Dolby Axon For Real Directional Voice Chat

October 25, 2013

Axon is a voice chat program from Dolby that utilizes surround sound to give you positional voice communication.

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