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Want Multiple Instagram Accounts On Your Android? Try This!

1 day ago

Here’s A Free, Multi-Layered Plan To Back Up A Non-Rooted Android

1 day ago

Between Is A Digital Space Just For Two, With Chat, Calendar, Photos & Notes

2 days ago

Yahoo Polishes The Flickr App With 30 – Second HD Recording & Auto-Sync

4 days ago

CCleaner Is Now On Android: But Is It As Awesome As The Windows Cleaner?

5 days ago

Android Apps on Sale, 18 April: The Disney Edition!

6 days ago

Be Healthy, Save Money: Cook Your Own Meals With These 5 Recipe Apps on Android

6 days ago

Support For Windows XP, Google Camera App, First Heartbleed Arrest [Tech News Digest]

6 days ago

Help To Combat Cancer With These Smartphone & Browser Apps

1 week ago

Stressful Day? These Alternative Free Apps Will Help!

1 week ago

URL Shortener Is The Swiss Knife Of Link Sharing And Saving On Android

2 weeks ago

Humble Bundle PC and Android 9 Gets Even Better With 3 More Games

2 weeks ago

Time Is All We Have: 2 Unique Apps That Will Help You Conquer Time

2 weeks ago

Can Two-Step Verification Be Less Irritating? Four Secret Hacks Guaranteed to Improve Security

9th April, 2014

This Android Malware Placebo Earned $40,000

9th April, 2014

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Find & Remove Uninteresting Twitter & Instagram Users With JustUnFollow

April 5, 2014

If many of your Twitter followers have become strangers, spammers, and social annoyances, it might a good to time to cut back your “friends” list.

Texting in NYC

Text Better With These Alternative SMS Apps For Android

April 8, 2014

Don’t like your default SMS app? Try a new one!


How to Edit and Clean Up Android’s Share Menu: No Root Required

If you’re like most Android users, your Share menu is cluttered with options you never use. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Handing Over Your Phone to Show a Photo? How To Avoid Snooping Fingers

April 9, 2014

You hand over your phone to show someone a photo. Next thing you know, they go through all the photos in your gallery, including those embarrassing ones. Don’t let it happen.

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