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Is Your YouTube Cover Song Legal?

5 hours ago

Apple Makes Biggest Profit Ever, The Pirate Bay Rises from the Ashes [Tech News Digest]

2 days ago

8 Eye-Popping Ultra HD Videos To Watch On Your New 4K TV [Stuff to Watch]

4 days ago

Three YouTube Stars Interviewed President Obama, Here’s What Happened

6 days ago

Google Glass Goes On Hiatus, Legally Share Movies Via Wavelength [Tech News Digest]

16th January, 2015

Speedrunners Break All Your Favourite Games At Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 [Stuff to Watch]

13th January, 2015

Get Things Done: 10 Inspiring Videos To Boost Your Productivity

8th January, 2015

The University of California Explains Why We’re Wired To Be Nice People [Stuff to Watch]

6th January, 2015

20 Of The Best Viral Videos Of 2014 You Really Need To See

25th December, 2014

Everything That’s Wrong With Disney’s Frozen (And Other Cinema Sins) [Stuff to Watch]

24th December, 2014

Will The Web’s Unreasonable Expectations Ruin Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

23rd December, 2014

YouTube Haikus: Short, Sweet And Absolutely Hysterical

19th December, 2014

What Was Your Favorite YouTube Video Of 2014? [We Ask You]

18th December, 2014

10 Incredibly Geeky Things You Could Be Doing Right Now

17th December, 2014

Why Do You Procrastinate? School Of Life Looks At This And More [Stuff To Watch]

16th December, 2014

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4K Video Downloader Makes It Easy To Get Videos From YouTube

April 7, 2014

4K video is all the rage and YouTube is a great place to watch them. Streaming 4K video can be too bandwidth-intensive, so save and play them with 4K Video Downloader.


5 Woodworking YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To Today

Even if you’re not a woodworker yourself, watching high-quality woodworking videos is a great way to learn about the craft, and who knows, you might even realize you want to make something yourself.


4 Simple YouTube Music Players For A Swim In The Stream Of Free Music

April 3, 2014

YouTube is an unlimited source of restriction-free music anyone in the world can listen to. While it’s easy enough to find and listen to it on YouTube itself, there are other, easier ways.


Legal Anime Exists: 4 Websites Where You Can Watch Anime For Free (Or Cheap)

April 7, 2014

Looking to watch more anime, but not sure where to find it online? Look no further. These four websites make anime more accessible to the general public than ever before.

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