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You will find countless promotional and advertising websites on the Internet. But the average Internet user will not pay attention to lengthy impersonal pages that are not even visually appealing. What the average user will react to is a succinct yet personal mini-page that you create to advertise or promote your product. A web service called Zuplo lets you make such mini-pages that can not only be used for promotional purposes but also for the purpose of e-cards.

MakeUseOf has reviewed Zuplo in the past. But back then, Zuplo used to be quite a different website. Currently it offers a different type of service. Now the site is dedicated to helping its users create personal mini-pages that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Look at the image below; it is a screenshot of the page the site’s developers made for MakeUseOf. You can see that the main message is overlapped on a visually appealing background; the text is accompanied by a poster on the left and the main message is kept succinct. This is the type of page that the site helps you make.

All you have to do to get started is create an account on the site. You can then begin by clicking an appropriate category on the site’s left pane or choose to view sample pages by clicking on the thumbnails in the bottom pane.



Clicking on a category reveals thumbnails images of posters grabbed from


After you click on the poster you like, your message creating interface is loaded up. You can add special formatting, emoticons, and hyperlinks to your message.

The next step is to select a ‘skin’ or background for your message from the available patterns.

When you are done, you are given a sharing link to post on social networks or email to your friends.

Zuplo’s simple features pack a lot of usefulness and will help out anybody looking for a personal way to advertise or create simple e-cards.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you create personal mini-pages.
  • Pages are accompanied by posters and background patterns.
  • Pages can be used for promotional purposes or to make e-cards.

Check out Zuplo @ 

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