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Zumbox is an innovative website (US only) which aims to reduce the number of letters, bills and documents you get via snail mail by converting them into the digital form. Here’s how it works – you register your name and street address with them, they verify it and once it’s done, the snail mail you get goes into your Zumbox account and you won’t receive their paper forms, provided the people or companies who snail mail you accept Zumbox as the medium of delivery.


Hence Zumbox acts as your email address for those who usually communicate with you through snail mail and don’t know your email address. It is currently in beta and receiving mail is free. You can also send mail through Zumbox to any other postal address in the US for free provided your business qualifies for their free postage program. Otherwise there are some nominal costs associated with it.

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  1. Rob Reed
    April 8, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    It's a great article. Just a few points of clarification. When you claim and secure (sign up for) your Zumbox, this does not automatically forward your USPS paper mail. Nothing about your USPS mail changes when you sign up for Zumbox. At least not until you and those who send you mail take the necessary steps to transition that mail to paperless via Zumbox.

    You're right that companies (mail senders) have to sign up in order to send digital (paperless) mail via Zumbox. But it's entirely up to those companies and their customers to decide how that mail will be delivered. Ideally, a customer will view the mail in their Zumbox and click "Do Not Papermail", which notifies the company that the customer no longer wants to receive the paper version...thereby going paperless. But the customer is entirely in control.

    It's quite an undertaking and requires that we all work together to reduce the amount of paper mail (150 million trees' worth) that is sent each year in the U.S. But we think it's well worth the challenge.

  2. Rob Reed
    April 8, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    This article isn't accurate. I tried to post a comment earlier today. Please let me know if you'd be willing to clarify a few things, either in the article or the comments. Thanks.