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At the workplace, calling your IT department every time you need to create a comprehensive spreadsheet report from your data is an inconvenience as it slows things down. To rid yourself of this inconvenience, you should pay a visit to Zoho Reports – an online tool that lets you easily create spreadsheet reports with a data you have.

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Along with offering a wide range of reporting components and supporting Excel, CSV, and HTML files, the site offers a variety of useful features. Firstly it lets you drag items into place while creating a report. Support for visual analysis lets you graphically represent data for better communication. If you have somebody else working with you, you can use the site’s collaboration feature to jointly work on the report. You can also create reports with SQL queries written in any database syntax you know. Your completed Zoho report can even be embedded on your own blog or site.

You can try Zoho Reports for free or go with one of its paid packages for advanced features.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you create comprehensive spreadsheet reports.
  • Offers a wide range of reporting components.
  • Lets you import a variety of file formats.
  • Supports multi-user collaboration.
  • Provides embeddable codes for completed reports.
  • Works with different databases.
  • Similar tool: Google Docs.

Check out Zoho Reports @


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