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Zoho Recruit is a robust and feature-rich applicant tracking system that can track and organize job applications effectively thereby helping Human Resources executives in speeding up the hiring process. Like other Zoho tools, it’s completely web-based. It generates a list of candidates who’ve applied for a position and the number of current openings, and can also extract resumes from email attachments, job sites, etc and then aggregate them in one place. Just like any project management tool, there’s one main dashboard and various tabs for different tasks.

track job applications

job applicant tracking,

The free edition of the tool lets one recruiter track up to 5 job openings. You can add extra features at an extra cost. The tool has a huge number of useful features which you’ll only come to know once you start using it for hiring.


  • Applicant tracking and management tool.
  • Web-based, integrates with other Zoho apps.
  • Can also parse resumes from a number of different sites and services.
  • Similar tools: HRLocker, ShiftPlanning and TaskBin.

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